With so many Ugg boot alternatives on the market, at Ross & Snow we set out to make the very best slipper boot available and boy did we deliver!  All of our boots are handcrafted in Italy, where our Ross & Snow team hand select the very finest shearlings and leathers to make our exceptional shoes.  Our shearling slipper boot, Gemma, is an elevated alternative to the Ugg boot, not only in craftsmanship and quality, but also in design.


It’s all in the details . . . .

Aesthetically our Ross & Snow Gemma boot has some exquisite detailing that just can’t be found on Ugg boots, we have added these without straying from the classic shearling boot vibe that we have all come to know and love.  Unlike other Ugg boot alternatives, the Gemma boot does not try to imitate the look stitch by stitch. Instead, we have given the traditional silhouette an updated twist for the modern, sophisticated woman who is looking to stand out from the crowd.  Available in 3 colours and made from a plush, dreamily soft, twinface shearling, our slipper boot is available in stone washed denim, stone washed cognac and desert rose.  

The classic Ugg boots are very simple in design, with very little detailing, some simple stitching and a plain rubber sole. Our Ugg boot alternative really sets itself apart from this.  The visual detail that draws attention to our Ross & Snow slipper boot compared to Ugg boots is the asymmetric opening. The higher front opening is super flattering when worn and rather than looking like just another Ugg boot alternative, Gemma looks beautifully unique and stylish.  Unlike any other slip on shearling boots, we have covered the sole edge in a beautiful Italian leather adding an extra touch of class and attention to detail. The same soft leather runs up the heel to create a pull on strap - an attractive and useful little feature by our Ross & Snow design team!

As well as being classically stylish (we’ll go into some styling tips shortly), our Gemma slipper boot is wonderfully functional.


Gemma Boots

Walking pieces of art

We pride ourselves at Ross & Snow in terms of our superior craftsmanship and the exceptionally high quality of the materials that we use for our shoes.  We treat every boot and shoe as a work of art, paying attention to the smallest of details for our discerning customers. Ugg boots are mass made in factories in Asia, so in terms of manufacturing, there really is no comparison compared to our hand made in Italy boots at Ross & Snow. https://ross-snow.com/pages/our-story.

At Ross & Snow from the very beginning we decided to use shearling for our boots as opposed to Ugg boots, who have always used sheepskin for their boots.  Just like the leather we use, the shearling we use at Ross & Snow is premium, organically raised and ethically sourced. Twinfaced shearling is the skin and wool of a lamb who has only been sheared once, vs sheepskin which comes from a sheep.  The shearling fur we source is tanned, processed and dyed with the wool still intact. Shearling is softer than sheepskin and makes for quite simply a more luxurious product than Ugg boots. 

Our Ross & Snow Ugg boot alternative delivers much more than Ugg boots on so many levels.  Compared to Ugg boots, our level of craftsmanship, superior quality materials, small batch manufacturing and elevated aesthetic is a clear slam dunk for Ross & Snow.