As the only luxury shoe brand in Las Vegas, we’re on our feet all day.
We know you can relate.
Sure, a pair of boots is perfect when the temperature dips down, but don’t you love it when you can quickly throw on a pair of sneakers to run a few errands? 


Yeah, maybe we make some of the finest Italian shearling lined boots, but we love dressing down just as much as you do.

That’s why we created the Ross and Snow line of premium Italian calf-skin sneakers. They’ll help you look good and get shit done.

Comfort First

Working as hard as you do, isn’t it nice to just kick it with a chill pair of jeans and some sneakers?

Yep, we agree.

That’s why we brought you our new line of sneakers, featuring 4 low-top models and 2 high-top models. 

For the gals, our Stardust model has all the laid back west coast vibes of a skater shoe, and the Viva brings back that nostalgic 90s feeling that only a basketball sneak can achieve. 

If you’re feeling a little edgy, you’ve gotta check out the Diamond High Top. Decked out with a shearling cuff, these sneakies shine bright like a diamond.


For the dudes, we added a masculine touch to the same styles with the Jackpot, Ace, and High Roller.



We’re all about comfort first at Ross and Snow (ah, who are we kidding...we put everything we have into making our shoes just as stylish and durable as they are comfy).

We think a luxury shoe shouldn’t only look fantastic. It should make you feel like a baller, too. That’s why we’ve lined our sneakers with fine Italian full grain leather. It breaks in beautifully and will start to feel like a second skin. 

We also add high-density leather lined foam insoles that offer plenty of arch support, which is hard to come by with a basic pair of sneakers. You know us; we’re never basic.


I Can Tell We’re Going to Be Friends

Want hear something cool? Some of the most comfortable materials are also the most durable. 

That special feeling you get from a pair of shoes that you’ve had for years? Yeah, you’re going to have that same feeling with Ross and Snow sneakers. 

The Viva, Diamond, and Ace all have Italian Margom outsoles, which offer an incredible balance of cushion and longevity. If you’re on your feet all day, you already know how much a good sole can help. 

 Because we use Italian full grain leather on our uppers, you get a shoe that breaks in quickly and easily, keeps its shape throughout its lifetime, and gets more comfortable as the years go by. 

That’s the power you get by using the best materials in the world.

What About That Fur?

You mean shearling? That’s kinda our thing. Our bread and butter. Our jam. Ok, now we’re hungry.

If you’ve never tried a shearling lined shoe, you’re missing out. It’s basically a superpower material in that it keeps you warm in winter, but you never get sweaty feet like you would with a synthetic liner.

Shearling is natural and breathable, and you can even rock it in the peak of summer without your toezies overheating. 

Need More Support?

Hey, we want you to absolutely love your new sneakers. And we know sneakers ain’t easy for anyone with flat feet or plantar fasciitis. 

While we believe our leather lined high-density foam insoles offer plenty of comfort and arch support for most people, we also understand if you need a little extra.

That’s why we made our insoles removable. If you have custom orthotics or have a certain brand of insole that you prefer, we made it so easy to swap ours out for your customs
Just because you need a little extra arch support doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to chill with some sneakers at the kick-back. Sneakers to the people.

Excuse Me, What Can’t You Do?

With Ross and Snow luxury sneakers, you don’t have to keep trading style for comfort. We slayed that myth. And we don’t even want a trophy or ribbon. 

When you’re running quick errands or spending late nights at the office, that little extra comfort goes a long way. Because we spare no expense, you can have it all.
Shop our new line of Ross and Snow sneakers today!