You know us, we’re not shy about how much we love shearling. 

But a lot of women are wearing the fake faux-shearling stuff that frankly looks cheap. We really don’t want that to be you.

If we’re being honest, genuine shearling is an easy win for looking absolutely adorbs on the skiing trip (we’re the ones sipping cocoa in the lodge and definitely not going up on the mountain). 

Check out some of our top shearling picks...

Our Shearling Favorites

At Ross & Snow, we’ve been all-in on shearling since day one. And that means we have a few “old loves” and a couple new drops that we can’t wait to share with you.

One of our most popular boots for the winter is the Cristiana. It’s got that  fierce moto boot look, so you’d never expect how comfortable and soft they are. Fully lined with shearling through the footbed and shaft, the Cristiana is a terrific boot to carry you through the colder months. 

Cristiana Zip

Shearling isn’t just for the winter. If you want to rock this incredible fabric through the warmer months, you have to see our latest sneaker drop. 

Based on some of the most iconic basketball sneakers, we just released the Diamond, a high top sneaker that truly shines and glistens. This one of a kind sneaker is unlike any other you’ve seen. With a shearling ankle cuff, it’s truly a luxe sneaker that blends your sporty self and your chic self. 

Check out our full range of shearling lined boots and see for yourself why we’re so obsessed with this amazing material.

There’s a reason why we use shearling in so many of our products. Well, actually, there are four reasons…

Even Your Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandad Loved Shearling

Shearling is a type of sheep’s leather that’s been tanned with the wool intact. So it essentially has all the best properties of tanned leather and wool fabric wrapped into one package. 

Shearling has been used for centuries. To this day, even with the advent of hundreds of new types of synthetic fabrics, shearling is one of the best insulators and makes a cold winter feel more like the kind of weather you’d experience with a pina colada in hand. 

Sure, maybe great-great-grandpappy wore it to survive, but we bet he didn’t know how good it’d look on a quick outing to the grocery store. Paired with leggings, or even high-quality loungewear, shearling boots make a statement. 

Shearling is a Super-Material

What’s antibacterial, hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture-wicking, and fuzzy all over? Yep, you guessed it. 

Not only that, but shearling has a ton of flex, which makes it a very durable material. That’s just one of the reasons why Ross & Snow footwear is an incredible investment. Not only do our shoes look amazing, but they’re going to last for years and years. 


With all that fuzziness, are you a little worried about sweating up a storm? Well, like we said, shearling is moisture-wicking, which means it draws sweat away from your foot. It’ll keep your feet dry, and because shearling naturally repels bacteria, it’s also a no-odor zone. 

We recommend wearing your shearling insoles barefoot and not with socks. They are better with barefeet and the way our insoles and shoes are designed (not to be so bulky and unflattering - more like regular unlined shoes) the boots, if you buy your true size, don’t really have enough room in them to wear thick socks and the shearling insoles. Not to let the facts get in the way of a good story, but I don’t want to promise something that isn’t true and there are other amazing things we can say/sell...

Shearling Can Warm or Cool Your Feet

If shearling is warm enough to wear in the freezing cold of winter, isn’t it going to be too hot in the summer? 

Well, actually, no.

Because of those clutch moisture-wicking and breathable properties, shearling is awesome throughout the year, including that one day where it seems impossibly hot. You know the one. 

As moisture is drawn away from your foot, that evaporative process cools your foot down, because, like, physics and stuff. 

Pair that with breathability, and the shearling actually stays cooler than the ambient temperature, so you’ll stay comfortable in the heat.

Stop by our entire line of shearling lined boots and experience this incredible material for yourself. You’ll kick yourself for not wearing shearling earlier once you realize how comfortable it is.