Hello and greetings to you, the modern wayfarer.  Welcome to the footwear landscape of Ross & Snow, an extraordinary palette of the most enticing leathers, softest shearling, brilliant colors, of timeless, classic styles made new by unexpected textures and surprising materials.    

So, great.  That sounds just great.  Great marketing copy, buy our shoes, blah blah blah.  But for real.  Let’s consider the specifics of what this actually means.  In essence, we wanted to take a shoe that traditionally fits with a certain kind of apparel and activity and making it versatile and flexible.  

So, we take a typical men’s sneaker sole and pair it with a calf-hair penny loafer upper- now it can go to an important business meeting or after work to the club.  Or consider a classic men’s dress shoe, the double monk strap, usually something that appears at the bottom of a suit.  Put on a crepe sole and it becomes something more casual; now it goes with jeans or khakis.


A woman’s ankle moto, the standard about-town bootie for the past half-decade - but now it goes wild, emboldened with studs, velvet black flecked with gold dust.  Or a sophisticated classic knee-high boot, but now spilling over with hand-painted leopard exposed shearling.  Every “basic” becomes something more, something exceptional, something so eye-catching that the people watching you will look at your feet even before they take in your face.  

The short story:  we are creating the shoes that we would want wear.  We call ourselves the “Shoe Dogs,” four lifetime veterans of the footwear industry who came together to change the game, to create combinations of sophisticated style and fierce power that would take us through an entire day of our crazy busy lives - full of the joyful but challenging factors that confront most ambitious adults:  careers, friends, travel, children, dogs who need to be walked, proposals that need to be nailed.   We wanted shoes and boots that were just as appropriate at the end of the day as they were at the beginning, footwear with enough gravitas for the evening’s wine bar but plenty of joie de vivre for the morning meeting at the diner.  

We dreamt of footwear that was as functional as it was beautiful.  We imagined what could happen if we accessed the old school craftsmanship of the Italian master cobblers and combined that with a new school version of rugged comfort and American edge.  We love the mountains but spend the majority of our lives in the city, so we asked, “Could a mountain-inspired shoe make it through a tough day of transaction in town, go toe-to-toe (Ha!) with my colleagues and competitors?

We’ll tell you more about exactly who we are in future blogs, but right now we are more interested with getting to know you, our future Ross & Snow friends. We dreamed for us but we designed for you.  Here’s what we think we know about you, so far.  You are a person who cares.  You have a big heart but you know how to let your hair down.  You know the difference between the “easy button” and personal mastery, and you tend to choose the latter.  You know that all that glitters is not gold, but some stuff that glitters is pretty fun to play with.  When all is said and done, you’d prefer your life to have some positive impact on others. You are one who tends to make tracks rather than follow in the tracks of someone else.

That’s who we are imagining you to be, but the specific preferences of any one person are always more interesting than a generalized picture.  If any of this passion resonates with you, will you let us know something about who you are?  We are interested in any details you care to share, but especially those details that tell us something about your next adventure, current project, or latest obsession.