Shoemaking has been an essential component of Italian culture for centuries. As a stylish woman, you've had to come across Italian shoes and sneakers. Italians are the go-to designers for shoe addicts. Why? Are women's Italian sneakers worth it in the long run? Well, read on to find out!

Unrivaled craftsmanship

Italy is renowned globally as a fashion hub with unparalleled craftsmanship. Handcrafted women's sneakers like the Neon Yellow Cold Cement High Top are unique in their own right. While new technologies have transformed the shoemaking industry, Italians’ craftsmanship hasn’t declined. First, shoes are designed by sketching. Then, the craftsman carves a wooden foot-shaped form and uses it to create a perfect-fitting shoe. This process has been handed down for generations and improved over time.

Responsible brands like Ross & Snow nurture local craftsmanship by manufacturing their products in Italy. They pay a living wage, providing employees with a socially acceptable standard of living. You can also help preserve Italian craftsmanship and authenticity by buying “Made in Italy” shoes and sneakers. Even in shoe factories, Italians never compromise the quality and craftsmanship of their footwear. Whether you buy factory-made or handcrafted women’s Italian shoes, there is still a personal touch to every pair.


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High-quality materials

The best women’s Italian shoes and sneakers are made of high-quality leather. Local tanners have been handcrafting leather products for centuries. They have perfected the process over time. The quality of the leather determines the price of Italian women’s shoes. High-quality Italian leather guarantees your comfort regardless of the weather. During cold seasons, you can rely on Italian moon boots, women’s puff boots, or Italian winter boots to keep your feet warm. They are also highly durable. So, women's designer shoes made from authentic Italian leather are pricier than synthetic-based alternatives. But it is worth every penny in the long run due to the longevity of its wear.


Luxury meets functionality

Another reason why Italian shoes and sneakers are so expensive is their design. How do you define the perfect shoe or sneaker? Most women focus on functionality when shopping for shoes. Comfy sneakers are functional. You can wear them all day without bruising your foot. As a classy woman, you’ll need a luxurious pair of Italian shoes to add a dash of glamour to your stylish look. But you don’t have to compromise on your comfort. For example, women’s silver sneaker is comfortable, glamorous, and functional. Italian shoes and sneakers strike the perfect balance between luxury and functionality.


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Trendy Italian shoes and sneakers

Since time immemorial, Italian designers have set the standard of what is trendy. The term “fashion-forward” comes to mind. Whether it is casual designer shoes or Italian boots, you can never go wrong with Italian footwear. Best of all, Italian shoes look elegant with everything in your closet. You can wear women's designer shoes to the office, Italian sneakers to the gym, and casual puff scuffs on weekends. Then, switch to Italian Shearling boots for outdoor adventures. Italian women’s shoes are stylish and trendy all year round.


Bottom Line

While Italian women’s shoes and sneakers cost more than alternatives, they are worth every penny. There are countless reasons why you should own a pair! You can always rely on for trendy women's Italian shoes and sneakers. At Ross-Snow, we obsess over quality and perfection. All our products are made from high-quality materials with unrivaled craftsmanship.