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Men's Collection

“For me, Ross & Snow is all about the unexpected pairing, the chance to change the game for men’s shoes.  It’s taking a classic dress shoe design and placing it on a functional, rugged outsole. It’s taking a design or style that you would normally wear only with a suit and re-imagining it so that it becomes more versatile, flexible, great for all day.  Or taking a sneaker bottom (normally a very casual shoe) and balancing with a calf hair penny loafer design, again, making that style wearable in so many more contexts.”  - Director of Men's, Peter Young

The Extended Life of a “Finished” Shoe

“What inspires me is how the experienced Italian shoemakers perfect a “finished” shoe. In a traditional factory setting, the whole point is to make each shoe look exactly alike--the imperfections are “chosen” and repeated infinitely. But in the Italian family workshop a shoe is not complete once it’s been put together ; their goal is to embrace how each pair is different from any other, celebrating and embracing the unique characteristics of a particular piece of leather. In order to enhance these elements, the material might need more wax, more oil, more burnishing, but always the goal is to create an utterly unique pair of shoes.” -PY