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“The vision of Ross & Snow is to take timeless, sophisticated women’s silhouettes that everyone knows, then pair them with unexpected materials, completely different from what you are used to seeing with this type of footwear.  There are no more “basics,” because even basic black has undergone a radical shift with our palettes, textures, and patterns.  My hope is that the Ross & Snow woman will design her ensemble for the day starting with the shoes and then working her way up.  I was inspired by the fierce femininity of my family and ​friends, women who do not compromise when they know what’s right.” - VP of Product and Creative Director, Leah Larson

Not So Basic Black​

“Black is associated with sophistication, mystery, chic – but also with safety. It’s the color a woman wears when she wants to project authority and allure, but also when she wants to feel secure. We know every woman loves black, but we wanted to do “black” one better – our blacks elevate the wearing occasion of each style of boot. Our subtle black-on-black camouflage, black cascaded with gold, black washed with metallics, and distressed indigo color themes allow the Ross and Snow woman to add elements of fun and shine to something “dark;” it’s a way to add flair even if you are traditionally more reserved.” -LLL