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Our Story

Handcrafted in Italy with an American edge, Ross & Snow is fashionable yet functional, luxurious yet attainable; an indulgence you deserve. Founded by friends who have spent a lifetime in footwear, Ross & Snow began with a dream to reimagine shearling and honor the heritage of shoemaking.

We believe shearling is for all seasons, any occasion, or time of day. Collaborating with family-owned workshops in Italy, we are pairing the artistry of traditional shoe making with modern technology and design, to reinvent shearling as you’ve never experienced it before.

Our Italian Connection

As any true “Shoe Dog” would tell you, the alpha and omega of fine footwear belongs to the family workshops of Italy. The tradition of American buying power and Italian artisanship goes back decades—to the post-World War II designers who sought American markets for their increasingly bold and contemporary creations.  At Ross & Snow, we paired the distinctive Italian lines with a streetwise feel for comfort that you won’t find anywhere else.  

Our Materials

This is what happens when you take the most seasoned industry creatives and let them totally off the leash: they run wild with innovative content design. Our materials are truly the Stars of the Show.  We begin with the world’s finest leather, subtle, supple materials that are kind to the feet, soft to the touch.  With natural veg-tanned leathers, rich oiled suedes, and buttery fine shearling - in the lining of many styles, exposed on others, and hand painted in leopard and silver tips.  Each of our materials has a depth and personality all of its own; each piece of leather has its own unique pattern and texture that becomes a one-of-a-kind highlight  in your future favorite pair of shoes.  

The commitment of our design goes beyond beauty.  The foundation of any Ross & Snow footwear is functionality.  Fine leathers paired with the precise architecture of handmade contoured footbeds, and completed with a sturdy, rugged sole, for a pair of shoes ready to conquer a mountain road, stroll down a city street, or pop your feet up on a firepit.  You won’t find this kind of symbiosis anywhere else on planet pedestrian.

Our Makers

For these proud Italian families and their teams of highly skilled craftsmen, work really isn’t “work”; it’s a way of life. Co-workers are family and family. is. everything. Each pair crafted in these small-batch, living museums of shoe history is infused with the love, pride, and honor of carrying on the work of generations past. To wear on our feet the products of this lineage is to participate in modern history and honor the greatest shoemakers in the world.​

Our Name

Ross & Snow are the names of two of the more strong and sociable migratory winter geese who make their home in North America during the colder months.  We are named after these two birds, species who are so close in nature they can produce hybrid Ross-Snow geese- just like our hybrid boots and shoes that are both functional and beautiful.  Ross & Snow is footwear that takes you anywhere, whether you're trekking, flying, or crushing your local pub crawl.

The Team